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Apologetics #11 (11-17-2009)

Debate: Calvinists Say Man Is Unable To Believe Or Seek God, So How Do They Handle 1 Tm.4:10?; They Say “The Elect” All Receive Rewards, So Why Are There Warnings Not To Fall Away? Fall From Being Truly Elect?

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Apologetics #12 (11-19-2009)

Debate: Importance Of Humility & F/HS To Understand Truth; John McArthur Rails Against “Easy Believism,” “Mental Assent,” & Importance Of Human Volition In Salvation; Lordship Gospel VS Free Grace Gospel, I Jn.5:13

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Apologetics #13 (11-24-2009)

Debate: Ja.2:14, Emphasis Is On Justification Before Man, Not God, VS John McArthur’s Argument That “Faith Alone” Without Fruit Is Spurious Faith; Jn.2:23-24, Grace Believers Believe The Evidence Is In The Word

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Apologetics #14 (12-01-2009)

Debate: Responding to Questions Concerning “Faith Without Works Is Dead,” James 2; Addressing The Issue Of Works VS Grace As Pertaining To Eternal Salvation.

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Apologetics #15 (12-03-2009)

Matt. 7:16, You Shall Know Them [False Teachers] By Their Fruit; We Are Called To Be Fruit-Producers, Not Fruit-Inspectors; 2 Pet.1:5-9 Lists Qualities Saved Christians Should Develop; These Are Not Lists Necessary For Salvation

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Apologetics #16 (12-15-2009)

Major Problems Calvinists Have Trying To Use Jn. 6:26-29 To Prove Faith Is A Gift From God: All Verbs Are In The Active Tense & Require Positive Volition; Why Would God Command Us To Have Faith If He Gives It To Us?

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Apologetics #17 (12-17-2009)

“The Work Of God” In Jn. 6:26-29 Refers To His Only Requirement: For Men To Actively Believe In J.C.; The Object Of Faith Gets All The Credit & Glory; God’s Gift To Those Who Believe Is Eternal Life

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Apologetics #18 (12-22-2009)

The Word Of God Is Not Politically Correct; Great Refutation For 5 Passages Calvinists Try To Use To Substantiate Their Sovereign Grace Beliefs; Present Active Participles Precede The Action Of Main Verbs

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Apologetics #19 (12-29-2009)

Notes: Questions To Ask A Calvinist, Like “How Do You Know You Are Elect?” They Have To Go To Their Works; “Believe” Is Used 233 Times In The N.T., Always In The Active Voice

Apologetics #20 (01/05/2010)

Notes: Questions To Ask A Calvinist, Why So Many Warnings To The Elect Not To Drift Away? Why Does God Offer Rewards To Those Who Persevere? Sins Lists Of Non-Inheriters, I Cor.6, Gal.5

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