Lesson #041 (02-08-2009)

Power Point: Purpose Of Life For Believers: To Keep On Glorifying Him By Allowing Him To Do More & More For Them; Human Hustling For The Lord Is Not Grace-Orientation

Lesson #042 (02-15-2009)

Review; God Wants Believers To Be Experientially Justified/Sanctified, Blessed, Victorious In Persevering With No Vacillation, Doubts, Confusion, Fear, Instability, Or Slavery To Circumstances

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Lesson #043 (02-22-2009)

Review The Barrier & Its Removal; Salvation Provided For Everyone, I Jn 2:2; The Importance Of Positive Volition; Controversial Verses & The Need To Put Them Into Context

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Lesson #044 (03-01-2009)

The Choice Is Ours, The Low Road of The High Road: Doubt, Fear, Insecurity, -RMA, D.Discipline, SUD, -Rewards, OR Confidence, Courage, Security, RMA, SG Blessings, Dying Grace, & Rewards

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Lesson #045 (03-08-2009)

Salvation Requires No Work Or Suffering While Discipleship Does; Grace Is Free But Not Cheap; Mt.16:24-26, Once Saved, Discipleship Means Work, Suffering, Being Hated, & Someday, Being Richly Compensated

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Lesson #046 (03-15-2009)

The Low Road Of Ignorance, & Carnality, VS The High Road Of Power & Confidence In The F/HS; James Is Written to Believers To Get Off The Low Road & To Be Disciples Producing Good Works/Divine Good

Lesson #047 (03-22-2009)

Salvation is NOT by Works! James Is Not Salvific! Written To Believers Justified Before God By Faith. About Being Justified Before Man By Works; Gal.2:16, 3:11, 5:4, Eph.2:8-9, Rm.3:28, 4:5, 5:1, Titus 3:5; Meaning Of Rom.10:9-10

Lesson #048 (03-29-2009)

Believers' Problem Of Not Knowing What To Do After Eternally Saved; Post-Salvation Grace Precedes Peace, Multiplied By Knowledge, & Delivers; James 2:14; Rm.10-9-10, Warning To Israel

Lesson #049 (04-05-2009)

Rm.10:9-15, Chronological Order Given: (1) Preacher Sent, (2) Gospel Message Heard, (3) Message Believed = Imputed +R, (4) Calling For The Lord's Help In Little & Big Things, I Cor.1:2, (5) Physical Deliverence

Lesson #050 (04-19-2009)

How Important Is It To Understand The Bible? Problem Passage: Gal.5:4-5, You Have Been Estranged Or Alienated From Christ By Legalism; You Have Made Grace Inoperative

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