Fundamental Basics
Fundamentals : Audios : Lessons 101-108

Lesson #101 (06/06/2010)

IMPERSONAL LOVE FOR MAN, 8TH FLOOR, Review; Verses; The Royal Law: Treating people as you want to be treated; Points 12-20; Solve problems using unconditional love, grace people out, show courtesy, expect nothing in return.

Lesson #102 (06/13/2010)

OCCUPATION WITH CHRIST, 9TH FLOOR, is personal love for Him through maximum BD circulating in your KARDIA; Heb.12:1-2, Run the race like Jesus Christ, endure, lay aside any encumberance / distraction; Develop a Doctrinal Routine!

Lesson #103 (06/20/2010)

OCCUPATION WITH CHRIST, 9TH FLOOR is knowing and thinking like Christ, Heb.12:1-2; fixing our eyes on Jesus, the Written Word & someday, on Him as the Living Word; Fellowship With People VS Fellowship With God

Lesson #104 (06/27/2010)

O/C, 9TH FLOOR: Heb.12:1-2, Our race is one of endurance, obeying the command to no longer live for self, but to live for Christ and to set Him apart as Supreme Authority over our souls by making Him & His Word #1

Lesson #105 (07/11/2010)

O/C, 9TH FLOOR: Occupied with Christ's thinking, His will, His Plan = stability, satisfaction, + Happiness; Eph.3:16, He will grant you according to the riches of His glory; Christ living in you = filled up with the fullness of God, PLEROMA

Lesson #106 (07/18/2010)

10TH FLOOR: SHARING THE HAPPINESS OF GOD [+H] is the ultijmate position of strength, not depending on people, things, $, power, notoriety, or circumstances for happiness; It comes from seeking and learning wisdom, B.D.

Lesson #107 (07/25/2010)

Capacity +Happiness Versus LUCK; Happiness linked to luck is pounded into us, but nothing comes into our lives unless God allows it; He causes all things to work together for good for those who seek & love Him; Commands to be happy & rejoice

Lesson #108 (08/01/2010)

Review; +Happiness doesn't come by seeking it but by seeking God; It is a potential that grows from learning His word & keeping His laws = a tremendous gratitude for Him; God never disappoints us, even when He allows adversity into our lives


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