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Notes : Easter 2010

Easter 2010 (04/04/2010)

What The Bible Has To Say About Easter; Difference Between Regeneration, Resurrection, & Resuscitation; J.C. Said He'd Be Crucified, Buried, & Rise The 3rd Day; What If He Didn't Rise? Resurrection Of Believers VS Unbelievers

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Alpha to Omega, Grace Plan of God (04/18/2010)

Speaker : Ty Furlow

Dispensations Outline Man's Responsibilities; Heb.11, Abraham Looking For The New Jerusalem; 3 Phases Of God's Plan: (1) Salvation (2) Life In Christ With OSN (3) New Jerusalem Life Without OSN

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Doctrine of the Trinity (06/24/2010)

Speaker : Vidal Flores

Old & New Testament references to God's plurality of 3 persons & one unity by equality of essence; Definition, brief history on the word, and attacks on the doctrine of the Trinity

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Communion and Independence Day (07/04/2010)


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Will This Happen Again? (09/09/2010)

How the Northern army of the United States tried to exterminate Southern civilians & obliterate their property

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Visual : X+Y+Z Imputations

The Plan Of God For You (12/02/2010)

Rom.8:28, God works all things together for GOOD according to His predetermined purpose/Plan; Doctrine of X+Y+Z, 3 Strikes Against Us, & 5 Real Imputations & 2 Judicial Imputations towards potential Blessings in Eternity !

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Christmas 2010 (12/19/2010)

Why worship THE SON, Jesus Christ, rather than the SUN? Imperative God come to earth born the only unique, sinless God-Man who could take care of our sin problem, fulfill promises & prophecy, & offer eternal life; Probability Factors; All things held together by Him

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