COLOSSIANS 1(06/20/2013 )

Paul’s prison epistle addressed false teaching of GNOSTICISM in Colossae: denial of the sufficiency of Christ, legalistic, system of sacraments & rituals, asceticism for spirituality, worship of angels, mystical experiences… big, big problem !

COLOSSIANS 2(06/25/2013 )

APOSTLESHIP: Apostles were God-appointed, not elected by men, short-term job, kicked off Church Age until Canon completed; Timothy’s background, Paul’s companion & fellow prisoner; 1:2, “Faithful brethren” stayed true to God’s Word

COLOSSIANS 3(06/27/2013 )

1:3-4; Like the grace-oriented Paul, learn to habitually give thanks to God, expressing gratitude for what others do, & pray for them; AGAPE, unconditional/impersonally LOVE all believers, even those who get off track, hurt & offend

COLOSSIANS 4(07/02/2013 )

1:4-5, Love God first, then love other believers; The Colossians’ faith & love moves Paul & us to give thanks with confident expectation for all the wonderful escrow blessings that await such believers in heaven

COLOSSIANS 5(07/09/2013 )

1:4-5, Hope laid up for us in heaven = escrow blessings inheritance; what all they include; We need BD, HS, & Divine viewpoint to keep hope alive = P.S.E.D. strength, courage, blessings, +H; No need focus on earthly riches

COLOSSIANS 6(07/11/2013 )

1:5, Pray for mediocre believers to grow in BD & enduring confidence, to take their earthly missions seriously & to fix their focus on attaining their heavenly inheritance; Confidence is linked to eternal life

COLOSSIANS 7(07/16/2013 )

1:6, Just as we understood grace from the gospel at salvation, that same good news of God’s grace keeps on spreading thru us, producing fruit [Divine Good] in the F/HS after salvation = God blesses us with increase

COLOSSIANS 8(07/18/2013 )

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pSee Visual : Operation Z

1:6, The believer must not only hear, but be F/HS to understand Bible Doctrine taught, then believe it & review it so he can retain it for recall & application in his life; Operation Z; Importance of becoming grace-oriented

COLOSSIANS 9(07/23/2013 )

1:7-8, Importance of GRACE-orientation & of loving & ministering to other saints; “Faithful servant of Christ” examples Epaphrus & Paul set, faithful to God’s Word & to love/serve others; Are you multiplying yourself in others?

COLOSSIANS 10(07/25/2013 )

1:12, All C.A. believers will inhabit heaven but not all will inherit it as "fellow heirs with Christ" who suffer for Him, don't fear intimidation, work heartily with diligence, patience, full, confident assurance & endurance to reign with Him