COLOSSIANS 61(02/27/2014 )

1:25, We, too, are given the ministry of gospel-giving, helping those in need, & encouraging other believers to grow in God's Word; God only asks us not to be great, but to be FAITHFUL to minister to others

COLOSSIANS 62(03/04/2014 )

1:25b, Paul boasts being prisoner of Christ Jesus for the Gentiles' benefit, & recognizes God gave him Church Age Dispensation doctrines to teach & complete them; God the HS gives us spiritual gifts; We don't work to earn

COLOSSIANS 63(03/06/2014 )

1:25, Before believers can fully reflect the fullness of Christ, consistently apply wisdom to circumstances & fulfill their missions in this life, the deficiency in their souls must be filled up, PLEROO, with Bible doctrines

COLOSSIANS 64(03/13/2014 )

1:26a, Paul's job was to disclose the formerly hidden mysteries, secret thoughts, plans, & dispensations of God for ALL Church Age believers to possess; Only a select few O.T. believers possessed such spiritual insights & wisdom

COLOSSIANS 65(03/18/2014 )

1:26, Illustrations showing definite dispensational distinctions between Israel & the Church "new creatures in Christ"; God set Israel aside because of partial hardening, thinking themselves wise, forsaking their mission of gospel-giving

COLOSSIANS 66(03/20/2014 )

1:26b, N.T. is clear about the new & unique dispensation of the Church Age instituted to make the gospel of Jesus Christ & mystery doctrines known to all the nations & angels who are constantly observing us

COLOSSIANS 68(03/27/2014 )

1:27, CHRIST IN US refers to either Positional or Experiential indwelling of Jesus Christ; The first is permanent, occurring at the moment of salvation; The second is commanded, that we "abide in Christ" & He lives in us

COLOSSIANS 69(04/01/2014 )

1:27, Illustration of "Christ in you" Positionally VS Experientially; The "hope of glory" = both Jew & Gentile have the same potential for great status, to shine forth brightness & splendor from reward for becoming complete in Christ

COLOSSIANS 70(04/03/2014 )

1:28, Proclaiming Christ unabashedly to every man publically; teaching, advising, admonishing, counseling those under our authority in BD with firmness, fairness, impartiality & love that they might grow to spiritual maturity