Introduction(08/07/2022 and 08/14/2022)             Summary

Exodus is an epic tale of fire, sand, wind, and water. The adventure takes place under the hot desert sun, just beyond the shadow of the Great Pyramids. There are two mighty nations--Israel and Egypt--led by two great men--Moses the liberating hero and Pharaoh the enslaving villain.

The Book of Exodus (Audio Lessons)               Summary

What is one to do when tyrants take over and start oppressing the people?

Unconstitutional mandates and laws are null and void = no compliance.

Relaxed Mental Attitude, Confidence, Courage, and Peace of Mind.

God works behind the scenes for our good & to complete His plan for us.

God delivers the righteous from the wicked when they take refuge in Him.

The Book of Exodus (Audio Lessons)               Summary

God can bring the pieces of a complex scenario together for your good.

All believers are called on to suffer for Christ, but it is always worth it.

Those who comply with evil are evil, but the righteous receive blessings.

Most good intentions are never acted upon so lost opportunities abound.

We are outside the Plan of God when we take matters into our own hands.

The Book of Exodus (Audio Lessons)               Summary

Communion; and intro to Exodus 3- God uses Moses to free the Israelites.

God uses believers to fulfill His plan, regardless of their social status.

God is our refuge & our strength; He will be exalted in the world. Psalm 46

The 'Staff' (grace) of God is the believer's defense/comfort against Satan.

Excuses are not acceptable when defying God's commands. Ecclesiastes 3.

The Book of Exodus (Audio Lessons)               Summary

God offers His grace in solutions to ALL of our concerns.

Leaders must obey God's mandates, & not conform to demands of fools.

Christians who stand for righteousness are in jeopardy of being cancelled.

Moses' focus: the problem; the solution: God's promise of redemption.

How do we deal with change? Trust in the Lord! He is in control. Ps. 42:11

The Book of Exodus (Audio Lessons)               Summary

Trust = Patience - Rely on God; He will direct your paths. Proverbs 3:5-6

Pharaoh worships the Nile; God's JUSTICE turns the water to blood.

God shows favor on Israel, exempting them from the plagues on Egypt.

God's strategy in hardening Pharaoh's heart: A great salvation in the land!

God used the arrogance of Pharaoh to show His power & glorify His name.

The Book of Exodus (Audio Lessons)               Summary

Discipline is inevitable when trying to negotiate with God.

Pharaoh/Egypt felt the wrath of God, as America is under current leaders.

The Biblically ignorant will one day regret their rejection of God's Word.

Rejection of God brought the tenth plague on Egyptian deity.

God instructs the Israelites in preparation of becoming a Nation.

The Book of Exodus (Audio Lessons)               Summary

God takes care of the details in life. He provides all we need to trust Him!

We start getting in trouble when we go against God's commands!

Confidence in God's Omnipotence is like having Him on your shoulder!

Blaming others removes focus on the Lord -Trust & Focus on Him, Always!