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Lesson #081 (01/03/2010)

The Lord’s Supper; Do Nothing From Selfishness Or Empty Conceit But From Humility, Phil 2:3-4; No Room For Arrogance Or Competition; Boast In The Lord; I Cor.1:18, The Gospel Is Foolishness To Unbelievers

Lesson #082 (01/10/2010)

Humility, Objectivity, Teachability Is Mandatory For Spiritual Progress; God’s Provisions For Growing In Grace & Knowledge; 5th Floor: Doctrinal Advance

Lesson #083 (01/17/2010)

Prov.8:33, Heed Instructions, Be Wise, Do Not Neglect Hearing, Training & Practicing BD Like Working Out In A Gym; Lk.11:37, Emotions Have No Thought Content

Lesson #084 (01/24/2010)

Not HOT = 1) Lack Of Purpose 2) Lack Of Courage 3) Lack Of Confidence 4) Lack Of Peace Of Mind 5) Spiritual Ignorance, & No Spiritual Life

Lesson #085 (01/31/2010)

The Doctrine Of Fear: Verses; When Emotions Take Over, Fear Becomes Sin, Characterized By Worry, Dread, Insecurity, Panic, Terror & Cowardice; God Is Our Help & Strength

Lesson #086 (02/07/2010)

Things People Fear: Death, Danger, Being Single, Marriage, Rejection, Witnessing, Hardship, & Sickness; Fear Is Dispelled By Knowledge Of BD & Trusting In The Lord

Lesson #087 (02/14/2010)

Men, Love Your Valentine Everyday & Assert Your Authority Or Lose It; Women, Respect & Obey Your Husbands, Col.3:18; More Things People Fear: Responsibility, Exclusion, Failure, & Not Being Loved

Lesson #088 (02/21/2010)

Fear Of Not Being Loved; Teaching Children Respect For Authority; Being Respected Is More Important Than Being Loved; Things We Should Not Tolerate; Your Sp. Life Affects Everything

Lesson #089 (02/28/2010)

The Mindset Of Femininity; Issues Your Spiritual Condition Affects: (1) Theological (2) Ecclesiastical (3) Marital (4) Parental (5) Social (6) Economic (7) Moral (8) Politcal

Lesson #090 (03/07/2010)

Lord's Supper: Jn.3:17, He Who Believes In Him Is Not Judged; Ja.1:23-25, Keep On Being Doers Of The Word & Be Blessed; 3 Stages Of Rejection Of Bible Doctrine


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