Lesson #091 (03/14/2010)

Personal Sense Of Destiny, 6th Floor DD; Details Of Life In Control VS 2 Cor.4:18, Close Concentrate On The Unseen, Spiritual, Holy Spirit Accomplished, Eternal Things & Heb.10:32-37, A Better, Abiding Possession

Lesson #092 (03/21/2010)

Personal Sense Of Destiny, Now Is The Time To Prepare For Eternity; 2 Pet.3:12-14, Keep On Eagerly Looking Forward To The Day Of Eternity; I Jn.2:28, Keep On Abiding In Him Till He Returns

Lesson #093 (03/28/2010)

Palm Sunday, Jews Yelling YASHA NA, "Save Us Now!" From Physical Disaster Rather Than From Spiritual Darkness; 2 Tm.2:15, Study & Earnestly Expect; Grow In Confidence, Capacity Righteousness, Divine Good, Glory, & Rewards

Lesson #094 (04/11/2010)

6th FLOOR, PSD: Inspires Obedience To God; Rate Of Learning BD Exceeds Rate Of Forgetting, Divine Viewpoint Replaces Human Viewpoint, Thinking Extends Beyond The Temporary/Visible; Example: Abraham & Issac

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Lesson #095 (04/25/2010)

Confidence In The Lord Has Great Reward, Heb.10:35, 11:8-13; Heroes Abraham, Joseph, & Moses Trusted In God's Promises, Obeyed Him, & Kept On Seeing The Unseen, More Real Future

Lesson #096 (05/02/2010)

Lord's Supper, The Highest Form Of Worship Of Christ, The Living Bread, Our Passover, The Lamb Slain For Us; 7 TH FLOOR DIVINE DOMAIN: PERSONAL LOVE FOR GOD, Is Commanded; Guard His Word; Stay In His Love

Lesson #097 (05/09/2010)

MOTHERS DAY: Older Women Train Younger Ones To Think Soundly, To Love Their Husbands & Children; 1 Jn 2:5, Jude 21, Stay In God's Word = Keeping Yourself In His Love; Rm.5:8, God Faithfully Pursues Us With Love

Lesson #098 (05/16/2010)

7 TH FLOOR: PERSONAL LOVE FOR GOD Is Conditioned On His Virtue, His Faithfulness & His Perfect Character; God Conditionally Loves Believers' +Righteousness & Positive Volition; IT'S ALL ABOUT HIM !

Lesson #099 (05/23/2010)

God's Impersonal, Unconditional Love VS His Personal, Conditional Love; Believers' Personal, Conditional Love For God Based On Who HE Is, 1 Jn.2:5, Helps Us Obey His Command To Have IMPERSONAL LOVE FOR MAN, 8TH FLOOR

Lesson #100 (05/30/2010)

Memorial Day; Command To Have IMPERSONAL LOVE FOR MAN, 8TH FLOOR, Love Driven By Thought, Respect, RMA, Virtue, & F/HS; Your Relationship With God Determines All Other Relationships

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