Scott DeWeeseAudio Lessons and Notes - Jun/Aug/Sep 2022             Summary

Justification vs Sanctification.

Importance of knowing the difference between justification and sanctification

Watch for red flags that do harm during sanctification process.

Sanctification, the Circles, Edification Complex, 3 types of love

Scott DeWeese Audio Lessons and Notes - Oct/Nov 2022               Summary

Believers learn the Word of God by being filled with the Holy Spirit, not by trying to keep the Mosaic Law.

God's plan for Paul to introduce the Gospel to the Gentiles and the (Hellenistic) Jews.

Scott DeWeese Audio Lessons and Notes - December 2022              Summary

Titus was one of Paul's theological students.

He was sent to Corinth to straighten things out.

Titus would not tolerate disruptions in the Corinthian church.

Scott DeWeese Audio Lessons and Notes - January 2023               Summary

Scott_DeWeese: Notes-Titus, Lesson 2

Audio: Titus 1:1-4 - 01_12_2023

Due to technical difficulties the first few minutes were not recorded.


God is the source of Absolute Truth - He CANNOT Lie!

Hope = Confidence in God, whose promises are unfailing.

God's grace always precedes peace.

Scott DeWeese Audio Lessons and Notes - February 2023               Summary

Titus must search Crete for men with the gift of pastor teacher.