STARS 1(09/08/2013 )

INTRODUCTION; The stars faithfully declare, reveal, speak, show, make known, verify the GLORY of God, the Creator; This is not about astrology, Satan's counterfeit worship of creation; God specifically named all gazillions of them

STARS 2(09/15/2013 )

A quick fly-over of things the stars teach us; Their names relate directly to images in constellations to convey the same gospel message as the Bible; Scorpio, Orion, the Mazzaroth / Ecliptic, Pleiades, the Bear, & the brightest stars

STARS 3(09/22/2013 )

Amazing size difference of our sun compared to planets & other stars; unbelievable number of stars, distance between them; difference in stars' color, density, speed & direction, galaxies, global clusters, nebulas; how their light reached us

STARS 4(09/29/2013 )

How long did God's plan of redemption for man exist? Before He created anything & the stars became His "holy prophets"; The Sphinx's meaning; God's Three-Act Play in the Zodiac, starting with VIRGO, The Virgin & her Seed

STARS 5(10/06/2013 )

The Seed = The Branch Who Comes from David; COMA, The Desired One of the nations, the Seed of the Woman; CENTAURUS, The Despised One, Jesus Christ, the rejected Messiah, The Pierced; BOOTES, The Coming Shepherd

STARS 6(10/13/2013 )

Constellation BOOTES, "pierced" shepherd Who will "separate" the sheep from the goats; Conclusion of our first constellation & its 3 decons; Constellation LIBRA, God's "scales", "the required price", man "found deficient"

STARS 7(10/27/2013 )

Decon Constellation CRUX, "The price which covers" & "The price of the conflict"; It's the honor granted us to suffer for Jesus Christ, Phil.1:29-30; Centaurus' dual nature, diety & humanity of C., Both "slayer" & slayee/sacrifice for us

STARS 8(11/03/2013 )

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Notes : STARS LESSONS 1-10 Notes

pVisual : Stars 8, Hercules

3rd Major Constellation SCORPIO, "Serpent crushed in mortal conflict" = the Angelic Conflict for world dominion; Satan wounds Christ's / Ophiuchus' heel , Christ crushes Scorpio's head.

STARS 9(11/10/2013 )

SCORPIO's Decon Constellation Ophiuchus is the Seed of the Woman with wounded heel crushing Scorpio's head & keeping the Serpent (Decon Constellation Serpens) who is reaching for the crown, in check

STARS 10(11/10/2013 )

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Notes : STARS LESSONS 1-10 Notes

pVisual : Star Series #10

Verses showing how David trusted in the Lord to deliver him from evil enemies contending with him as Christ fought Satan contending with Him; Decon Constellation Hercules, the Mighty Man, humbled yet victorious