STARS 11(11/24/2013)               Summary

ACT 1, Scene 4 starts with SAGITTARIUS, Major Constellation = Jesus Christ, "the Victorious One", Centaur Conqueror, His great bow drawn, arrow loaded, aimed at Scorpio's heart; LYRA the harp "Praising the Victor"

STARS 12(12/01/2013)               Summary

ARA, Decan Constellation, "The Altar or Burning Pyre" turned upside down pointing to lower regions of outer darkness, fire symbolizing judgment that will consume Sagittarius' enemies; DRACO, "Dragon Cast Down" = Satan

STARS 13(12/08/2013)               Summary

ACT 1 portrayed the Person & Work of the Coming Redeemer; ACT 2 explains the results: CAPRICORNUS = "Life out of Death"; SAGITTA = God judged JC for our sins; AQUILA = "Wounded Eagle"; DELPHINUS = Resurrected

STARS 14(12/15/2013)               Summary

AQUARIUS = The Water Bearer = Christ, the Living Water, pours from a container that never runs out of blessing to the open mouth of the redeemed, fish; Believers are sanctified by confession of sin & by intake of God's Word

STARS 15(02/02/2014)               Summary

PISCES the redeemed fish, drinks in heavenly food; PEGASUS the Winged, White horse = "The Soon Return of the Redeemer"; CYGNUS the Swan = "The Sure or Faithful Return of the Redeemer", like geese, known for faithfulness

STARS 16(02/09/2014)               Summary

Brief review of all constellations studied thus far; The Lord promised over & over again, "Behold, I am coming quickly" meaning that He can come at any time; The Rapture is 1st phase of Christ's 2nd Advent Coming to set up His Kingdom

STARS 17(02/16/2014)               Summary

PISCES = 2 fish representing mankind & Israel captured by a BAND of sin in a sea of heathen nations, led away by CETUS = the sea monster, Satan, hopelessly lost were it not for Jesus Christ, "The Liberator", ARIES = the Lamb

STARS 18(02/23/2014)               Summary

ANDROMEDA = "In Bondage & Affliction, Then Redeemed", speaking mostly of Israel being punished because of disobedience, but never forsaken by God; JC sets man free from Sin's Penalty, Power (lusts, addictions) & Presence

STARS 19(03/02/2014)               Summary

CEPHEUS = "The Deliverer Coming to Rule", "The Royal Branch" from Jesse's root, "The Crowned King" who will break the shackles & the band on His people so they will be able to inherit the blessings that await them

STARS 20(03/09/2014)               Summary

ARIES = "Deliverance Realized", "Glory Out of Humiliation", Christ, the merciful, Crowned Lamb without horns who will restore CASSIOPEIA = Israel regathered in belief & enthroned beside Him in happiness