COLOSSIANS 21(09/03/2013 )

1:12, C.A. believers will inhabit heaven but not all will inherit it; "fellow heirs with Christ", who suffer for Him, who don't fear intimidation, who work heartily with diligence, patience, full, confident assurance & endurance will reign with Him

COLOSSIANS 22(09/05/2013 )

Power Point dealing with a dual meaning [positional or experiential] of key words in the Bible such as "overcome", "inheritance", "saved", "eternal life", "justified", "sanctified", "righteousness", "son", & "heirs"

COLOSSIANS 23(09/10/2013 )

1:11; After salvation, our goal is to stay in the Bottom Circle, grow in grace & knowledge, obey the Word, rejoice in our trials, enjoy intimate fellowship with Jesus Christ as we endure those tests, & be glorified with Him forever

COLOSSIANS 24(09/12/2013 )

1:12; Review Dual Meaning Power Point; Endure severe adversity with Divine viewpoint, prayer, application of BD, steadfast in truth, & joyous not to just inhabit heaven but to act like the saints of Light we are & inherit it

COLOSSIANS 25(09/17/2013 )

1:13; The Lord rescued us from the authority of Satan's kingdom of darkness into God's spiritual Kingdom of "light" the instant we believed in Jesus Christ; we must be F/HS to behave like the "light" royalty we are = rewards

COLOSSIANS 26(09/19/2013 )

1:13-14; The Lord delivered / transferred us from Satan's evil dictatorship to a new authority that demands a new thought pattern with a holy; consecrated, dedicated, & sanctified purpose & inheritance; 2 Spiritual Kingdoms

COLOSSIANS 27(10/03/2013 )

1:14; Answering people who say God forgives sins up to point you believe in Jesus Christ but not afterwards without works; Proper interpretation of Rom.3:25, God "covered" or "passed" over O.T. saints' sins until JC paid for them

COLOSSIANS 28(10/08/2013 )

Jesus Christ is the visible image or representation of the invisible God, the perfect resemblance & the radiance of God's glory in His resurrected, glorified body

COLOSSIANS 29(10/10/2013 )

1:15, Jesus Christ is not presently on the earth, but no one needs to see Him, witness miracles, hear His voice, or feel Him. They only need to read or hear His WORDS & believe in Him to be saved.

COLOSSIANS 30(10/15/2013 )

1:15, Orchestrated Govt. Shutdown & why it hates the Tea Party; Judicial VS Relationship Forgiveness; Jesus Christ, "the FIRSTBORN" over all creation, existing before it, creating it, possessing the superiority of a firstborn;