COLOSSIANS 31(10/17/2013 )

1:15, JC's priority, superiority, & sovereignty over all things, over creation, receiving angelic worship, prestige, status, & double inheritance; He came from everlasting existence

COLOSSIANS 32(10/22/2013 )

1:15-18; The outstanding scriptures revealing the DIETY OF JESUS CHRIST

COLOSSIANS 33(10/24/2013 )

Refuting false doctrine of SOUL SLEEP; The soul does not die! Jesus Christ is Preeminent, is called Jehovah, His glory is unique in 7 distinct ways, & all things were created by Him, for Him, including dominions, rulers, & authorities !

COLOSSIANS 34(10/29/2013 )

1:16b-17, All things created by the eternal, top-ranking, God-man, Jesus Christ, through Him, & for Him, including all angels & rulers, continually holding all things together + all laws of science, by the power of His Word

COLOSSIANS 35(11/05/2013 )

1:18, Jesus Christ is the HEAD of His Royal Family body, His Church of believers on earth before the Rapture who are the fullness of Him, many individual members, differing spiritual gifts, functioning as one, complete

COLOSSIANS 36(11/07/2013 )

1:18, Church, EKKLESIA, Universal group or local gathering under authority of one pastor-teacher; The Mystery Age; Symbols for the Church; Jesus Christ the firstborn from the dead, to have FIRST PLACE in everything

COLOSSIANS 37(11/07/2013 )

1:19, Juries power to interpret or change law; Giving Jesus Christ FIRST PLACE in your relationships & life; Take pleasure in Him who Himself is the complete fullness; Regard others as more important than yourself

COLOSSIANS 38(11/14/2013 )

1:11-19, Review over this longest sentence in the Bible; Our potential to "joyously" give thanks for the opportunity to live in the light, penetrate the darkness from which God delivered us & partake of the inheritance of His Kingdom

COLOSSIANS 39(11/19/2013 )

1:20a, Heroes who boldly stood against heresy, risking their lives, fortunes, freedom & families; Christ's "fullness" describes his deity dwelling in bodily form with preeminent rank & importance; God reconciled all things to Himself

COLOSSIANS 40(11/21/2013 )

1:20, Our present dishonorable leaders shamefully ignore the Law, our Constitution; God had to keep all his attributes in place & uncompromised in order to remove the insurmountable BARRIER & reconcile us to Him = GRACE