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Romans - Notes

Romans: Notes

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It is important to note that not walking according to the flesh but according to the Spirit is a choice that believers make. They will decide to walk according to the flesh (sin nature) by trying to keep the law or by walking in a manner that pleases themselves rather than God, OR, they will decide to walk by the power of the Holy Spirit by trusting in Him rather than themselves. Romans 8:5

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

Righteousness & justice are the foundation of God's throne; Psalm 89:14

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

Governing authorities should be servants of God for the GOOD of citizens.

Tyrants are only as powerful as the citizens allow them to be.

Christians are to not strive for a perfect government. It's impossible!

Obedience to God allows for resistance against tyranny. 1Kings 12:1-26

God delegates His authority to rulers to establish righteousness, not evil.

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

Live life without fear of evildoers by living to please God! Romans 13:3

All authority that is delegated by God is limited and it is legitimate.

Balance must exist between freedom of citizens & government authority.

When government is not authorized by God, it is illegitimate!

"Vengeance is Mine, I will repay," says the Lord. Romans 12:19

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

Our lives and our country exist ONLY by the mercy of God!

Christians are to not have feelings of superiority toward others.

Unconditional love is treating others just as God treats us, with grace.

Not praying when experiencing tribulation can result in spiritual distress.

Faith assures us that God's love is consistently unfailing!

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

Are you enthusiastic about serving God?

God is always gracious & patient with us-even when we don't deserve it.

Believers should exploit spiritual gifts. It is a responsibility to God.

Spiritual gifts are the result of God's grace on the church.

Believers who use their spiritual gifts are not conforming to this world.

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

All natural abilities & spiritual gifts are from God.

God expects believers to use their spiritual gifts to glorify Him.

Spiritual growth requires thoughtful reflection of God's Word.

With Authority comes the Responsibility of showing Grace.

Focusing on God allows us to see His Faithfulness in this evil world!

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

We should be eager to please God! Study His Word daily & grow spiritually!

Depending on works for salvation=Rejecting Christ's work on the cross.

It is our nature to sin. Is sin more powerful than God's grace? NO!

Are you a slave to sin, or to God's Righteousness? Romans 6:12

God is the Father of all comfort. Satan is the father of all lies!

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

Following Jesus is the ONLY way to find TRUE HAPPINESS. 2Peter 3:18>

Christians grow spiritually in appreciation of God's will.

It is impossible to outgive God! The world and all its fulness is God's.

The Day of the Lord is coming (Tribulation) 1 Thessalonians 5:2-3

Jesus Christ will be the only Ruler in the Millennium. All will know Him.

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

Keeping the Mosaic Law is NOT the way to salvation!

Dispensationalism is in the strategy of God's plan.

Review: Time of Jacob's Trouble is near- Only God knows the exact date.

The Doctrine of Divine Establishment Principles. Acts 17:26-28

Diligent study of the Word of God results in unshakeable faith in Him.

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

Israel will return to Client Nation status in the Millennium.

God has TEMPORARILY placed Israel under the 5th cycle of discipline.

Christ died to SAVE the entire world. A small percentage will BELIEVE it.

God FOREKNEW His people and then He CHOSE His people. Romans 9:29

God can show mercy to whomever He wills.

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

Israel is NOT Cast Away! They are God's Chosen People. (Romans 11:1-2)

Gentile and Jewish believers are ALL saved by Grace- NOT by works!

By faith alone in Christ alone, Jew or Gentile can be saved. Gal 2:15-17

Believers are God's children FOREVER, despite their extreme sinfulness.

Faith in Christ is the only path to God's righteousness.

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

Only the stars could take God's message to the end of the world.

Faith comes by hearing the Word of God and BELIEVING it!

Unbelievers cannot call upon the Lord since they do not believe in Him.

How many times must you believe in Christ to be saved from hell? ONCE!

Are you SAVED (Ephesians 2:8-9) and DELIVERED? (1 John 1:9)

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

Salvation is much more than just deliverance from Hell. Romans 1:15-16

Participating in God's Plan. It's YOUR responsibility. Romans 1:16-17

Call on the Lord & be delivered/saved from your enemies. Ps. 18:2-3

Are we saved by faith alone in Christ alone? ABSOLUTELY! Eph. 2:8-9

Santification for the believer is growing to Spiritual Maturity.

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

If one Law is broken, they are all broken.. Salvation is through FAITH.

Belief in Christ as Savior ends the sinner's futile attempt to save himself.

Things gained outside faith in Christ are rubbish. (Philippians 3:8)

GROW spiritually in GRACE and KNOWLEDGE of our Lord. (2 Peter 3:18)

Jesus Christ is the ONLY pathway to GOD! John 14:6

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

Man's good works DO NOT impress God! Isaiah 64:6

Believe in Christ = Heaven; Reject Christ = Satan's abyss.

Distinguishing between election and salvation.

God's right to do what He wants is reflected in His GRACE!.

God's mercy is evident in His patience with sinners.

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

Most people are ignorant of God's mercy.

God does not have to explain His actions to anyone!

God placed free will in the structure of history. He oversees His plan.

Humble believers trust God's judgement. Confused believers question it.

Grace is God given. Faith is by man's volition. (Ephesians 2:8-9).

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

The ONLY assurance of salvation is to BELIEVE that Jesus died for ALL sins.

God's Sovereign Right can show mercy or hardening of the heart.

How could God hold judges accountable if He Himself was unrighteous?

Questioning God's integrity & justice is blasphemous!

God brings down nations that turn away from Him. (2Chronicles 7:14)

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

God made a promise and Abraham believed it!

The Law can only make you slaves. Grace always makes you free!

The Law can only curse you. Grace can only bless you!

God's promises to the OT Jews included blessings & discipline.

Christ is the only ONE who could die for our sins. He ONLY is sinless.

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

Christ is the only ONE who could die for our sins. He ONLY is sinless.

Paul was emotional about his brethren's rejection of the Messiah.Rom 9:3

Why go against your conscience? You could be giving into evil.

Believers are not guaranteed immunity to temptation, trials or tragedy.

If we recognize our weaknesses, the more power we have- God's power.

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

Those who hate Jesus Christ persecute those who represent Him.

Spiritual growth is accelerated with each test the believer passes.

Jesus Christ has overcome the world. He is in charge of EVERYTHING!.

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The 7 imputations in God's plan cancels 3 sin strikes against us at birth.

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

God's grace is greater than any opposition the believer will ever face!

It is comforting to know that God is FOR us; He NEVER leaves us!

Faith in God's promises allows His power to work through you!

The goal of God in believers' lives is that He glorifies us!

Being sound in faith = Believers manifesting Christ in word & deed.

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

God NEVER has & NEVER will accept good works as a means for salvation!

The EFFECTIVE 'Call of God' is answered by a few select believers..

Answering the Upward Call: Believers advancing to spiritual maturity.

Christ created the whole creation & He is Sovereign over all creation!

Absolutely NOTHING is outside the realm of God's knowledge!

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

Time has nothing to do with God's knowledge. HE ALONE is Omniscient!

God's grace and His good pleasure includes us in His purpose.

Man is "Totally Depraved." Grace allows him to respond to the gospel.

Salvation is GRACE oriented. Good works will NOT get you to heaven!

No one can know and love God if they are biblically ignorant.

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

We TRUST that Only GOD works our suffering together for Divine Good.

Satan's schemes cannot pierce the full Armor of God. Ephesians 6:10-18

Believers cannot be spiritual and carnal simultaneously.

FAITH in the Holy Spirit inspires the believer's HOPE for the future.

Hope is confidence that faith guarantees our resurrection body in eternity.

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

God has solved ALL our problems with His promises.

The dead in Christ receive an Interim body until the rapture occurs.

There will be Perfect Justice when Christ returns at the 2nd Advent!

Everything was affected when God cursed creation because Adam sinned.

Creation is corrupted (Gen 3:17-19) but it will end when Christ returns.

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

No sufferings are smal that have power to affect our mind or our faith.

The things we suffer for Christ cannot compare to the rewards we receive.

Fulfilling our desire is temporary. Fulfilling God's desire is eternal.

Learning the difference between Phase 1 and Phase 2 of God's Plan.

It's sad that so few believers know the things freely given to us by God.

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

Believers can choose to receive a special inheritance and adoption.

There are two kinds of adoptions & two kinds of heirships for believers.

Unwanted circumstances are really opportunities to apply bible doctrine.

3 decision making options: Guess, Seek Advice or Leading of Holy Spirit

Are you being conformed to the world or biblically renewing your mind?

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

All believers must choose to live by their flesh or by the Holy Spirit.

Most believers try to keep the Law and don't know about the 'Spirit of Life'.

Paul revealed the mystery that was hidden from eternity past. 1 Cor. 2:7

Incredible information about the Holy Spirit & Christ indwelling our bodies.

The Law can be fulfilled in us (by the Holy Spirit) not by us (our effort).

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

All believers are permanently indwelt by the Holy Spirit at Salvation.

Rely on the Holy Spirit's power instead of ours to defeat the sin nature.

The only way to be acceptable to God by what you do is to be perfect.

Whether we walk by the flesh = Death or by the spirit =Life is a big deal.

We choose to walk in the flesh (death) or to walk in the Spirit (life).

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

It's great to be able to apply biblical solutions to problems.

Believers can achieve spiritual maturity due to Christ's work on the cross.

Living the spiritual life in Christ has nothing to do with keeping the Law.

God is a companion to believers in the Spirit, not their disciplinarian.

Do you know what the Law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus is?

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

Is Romans chapter 8 the GOAT Chapter--the Greatest of All Time?

Most believers serve God with their mind but serve their flesh by sinning.

Most believers mistakenly think they can conquer sins by themselves.

Doing good from the energy of the flesh is what Satan wants us to do.

Paul wanted to please God, but also did what he wanted to do.

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

Nothing good dwells in our flesh, referring to our sin nature.

God works in believers to enable them to do what is pleasing in His sight.

The key to victory over sin does not lie within ourselves, but in God.

Few believers understand that God works in us so He can work through us.

Trying to keep the Law inevitably leads to the inability to stop sinning.

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

Do you struggle between what you do and what you should actually do?

What happened to Paul when he discovered keeping the law doesn't save?

Keeping the Law can't save us but it can show that we're hopelessly lost.

Those who seek Salvation by doing good works will never receive it.

Our sin nature is the source of sin, but we are responsible for our sins.

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

The 10th commandment is unique and our sin nature reveals our lust by it.

A look at the different types of lust that every person must deal with.

Mosaic Law-Physical & Fading the New Covenant-Spiritual & Eternal.

Mosaic Law can only condemn, so why try to keep it? It leads to death.

Why most believers have no spiritual demension in their lives.

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

What must a new believer do to maintain spirituality when he sins?

History of God's Hand in gentiles entering the Church age (Acts 15).

Believers were made to die to the Law in order to live for Christ.

Working to keep the Law = no salvation; Believing in Christ = Salvation.

People must be continually lead by the Spirit to be saved-True or False?.

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

How to determine if a verse is about eternal Salvation or something else.

How to distinguish between Salvation verses and Spiritual growth verses.

Every believer has the potential to inherit a superior spiritual life.

There are two kinds of eternal life - One is imputed and one is inherited.

Most believers live like sinning slaves rather than reigning kings.

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

Justification is distinct & separate from Sanctification; see why.

Three types of Sanctification - Positional, Experiential and Ultimate.

Are you submitting to impurity & lawlessness or to Righteousness?

Obedience to God shouldn't be mechanical but relational, based on love.

Article condemns homosexuality; Salvation doesn't change human nature.

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

We are slaves to whom we obey; the biblical perspective of slavery.

Addiction is the consequence of being a slave to sin. It can be broken!

For by what a man is overcome, by this he is enslaved.

It's important to know the difference between Human Good & Divine Good.

No one has ever gotten closer to God by trying harder to keep the Law.

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

Being consistently let by the Holy Spirit gives victory over sin.

The Law condemns. Grace forgives. Law ends in death, Grace in freedom.

Being under the Law is guilt driven. Being under Grace is gratitude driven.

Can we keep sin from being master over us? YES! Find out how.

Believers are commanded to submit themselves to God - Not to sin!

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

Sinning breaks our fellowship with the Lord and it's never worth it!

You can have victory over sin and the scripture tells us how.

Are you experiencing victory over sin? If not, listen to this lesson.

Do you consider yourself dead to sin but alive to Christ? If not, why not?

Acknowledging that we are dead to sin and alive to Christ is powerful!

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

Being identified with the death and resurrection of Christ empowers us.

The spiritual results of the cross still impact believers today.

There is no reason for believers to be enslaved to sin, yet many are.

Why believers don't have to be slaves to sin. Ephesians 4:22-24

We are to put to death the deeds of the flesh. How is that done?

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

10 points on the baptism of the Holy Spirit: Walking in newness of life.

The baptism of the Holy Spirit identifies believers with Jesus Christ forever!

Water baptism is a ritual portraying something real, but it cannot save.

Baptism - (Greek-Baptizo) - means identifying with someone or something.

How shall we who died to sin still live in it? Romans 6:2

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

Being saved does not mean you will automatically grow spiritually.

Graphic of the seven imputations of God's plan for the human race.

The disparity between Adam's fall and Christ's sacrifice.

Adam's original sin initiate condemnation and grace from God.

Every person decides whether to be ruled by death or ruled by life.

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

Condemnation always precedes salvation- imputation of Adam's sin to all.

All are condemned by Adam's sin & all can be justified by faith in Christ.

1 Corinthians 15:22 "in Adam all die" - Do you know what that means?

Do you know how to be reconciled to God? If so, will you tell others?

Do you know the meaning of Justification, Sancitification & Reconciliation?

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

God's promise to believers - They will be saved from the wrath to come.

Can one produce a righteousness that God will accept? NO!

Christ died for ungodly sinners. Why try to earn salvation by good works?

When we were weak and helpless Christ died for us, the ungodly.

Those who trust in the Lord will never be disappointed or ashamed.

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

God uses undeserved suffering to bless & reward believers who trust Him.

Do you know the process that enables believers to rejoice in adversity?

Romans 3:5 - We also exult in our tribulations. Who does this and how?

Believer's access to God the Father is permanent through Jesus Christ only.

Those who've been justified by faith have peace with God. How about you?

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

Christ's resurrection proved God accepted His sacrifice on the cross.

Those who believe in the promises of God receives his own righteousness.

How do believers grow in faith and not waver in unbelief or doubt?

Faith in Jesus Christ produces hope (confident expectation) of eternal life.

Both Jews and Gentiles are saved by their faith in God's promises alone.

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

Keeping the Law nullifies grace & works nullifies faith regarding salvation.

Romans 3:28 - Man is justified by faith apart from works of the Law.

Works and Faith are mutually exclusive so faith cannot be a work.

Abraham is the spiritual father of all believers whether Jew or Gentile.

How would you answer this? "How can a man be righteous before God?"

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

Are unbelievers condemned to hell for their sins or for something else?

Why shoud minorities receive special treatment? Would that be racist?

Romans 4:7 - Blessed are those whose lawless deeds have been forgiven.

God justifies the ungodly and their faith is reckoned as righteousness.

Good works have absolutely nothing to do with being justified before God.

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

Christ said, "It (salvation) is finished!" - Good works are not required.

Romans 8:2 - The Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus explained.

Comparing Paul's 'Faith without works' with James' 'Faith plus works'.

Romans 3:28 - 'man is justified by faith apart from works of the Law'.

What does Righteousness & Justice have to do with love? Most don't know.

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

The "Blood of Christ" -Does it refer to His lieteral blood? Yes or No?

Redemption - sinward; Reconciliation - manward; Propitiation - Godward.

What does 'propitiation' and 'the mercy seat' have to do with salvation?

Fall of the Boy Scouts of America & the LGBTQ; what Justification is not .

Does God condemn people to hell for their sins? If not, why not?

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

It's important to ask questions when witnessing to others. Romans 3:23

Must we maintain our faith to remain saved? See Timothy 2:12.

God's Righteousness was manifested by Christ's Spiritual Death (on cross).

We maintain that man is justified by faith apart from works of the law.

By works of the Law, no one will be justified in God's sight. Romans 3:28

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

Even those who don't fear God are still accountable to Him.

Man is consumed with sin, using his tongue, mouth, feet, hands and eyes.

TULIP explained. Irresistable grace is not support by Ephesians 2:8-9.

Eph 2:8 grammar - Salvation is not of yourselves. It is a Gift of God!

There is none who is righteous, who understands God, or who seeks God.

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

The end never justifies the means. The condemnation of such is just.

Those who condemn God condemn themselves. Man should not judge God!

Some people never get it. Everyone is accountable to God, period!

The Jews received many advantages from God but, to no avail. So sad.

Do you live to please other people, or do you live to please God?

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

Spiritual circumcision. Do you have a circumcised heart? Find out.

Do you know there are 2 kinds of circumcision? Physical and Spiritual.

Arrogant, self-righteous hypocrites always experience the wrath of God.

A humble and caring attitude is important when reaching people for Christ.

Why did Jews of Paul's age think they were superior to other people?

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

Everyone sins and all are accountable to God who judges justly.

When government and your conscience differ, which one should you obey?

God writes His law on the hearts of men so they know what is right.

Are you sure you are saved? You can be certain based on God's promise.

Is there that big a difference between doers and hearers of the Word?

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

All mankind is accountable to God, and are treated fairly & impartially.

What awaits selfish, self-centered people who don't obey Truth (Scripture)?

What is the abundant, superior, wonderful life related to eternal life?

Imputed eternal life and awardable eternal life. What is the difference?

Two kinds of eternal life; one-duration of life & one-quality of life.

Eternal Life, 1. Gift imputed when saved. 2. Superior Life earned after saved.

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

People reap what they sow & are judged by God according to their works.

Eternal life & God's righteousness are gifts. They cannot be earned.

Faith in Christ, not evidence of good works, is the basis for salvation.

God's justice is satisfied only with Christ's work on the cross!

What do good works have to do with salvation? Absolutely nothing!

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

Are you storing up treasure or wrath? Is The Day of the Lord near?

Stubborness stores up God's wrath; What is The Day of the Lord?

There are always consequences for those who lack biblical knowledge.

God gives unbelievers enough time & toleration to accept the Gospel.

God may tolerate sinners for a time, but He never appeases them.

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

Unwarranted attacks on Pres. Trump; God's impartiality & man's hypocrisy.

Those who project their sins on others & condemn them are hypocrites!

We are all sinners, so we condemn ourselves when we judge others.

Why being moral is not the basis for the Christian way of life.

Both immoral and moral degeneracy are condemned by God.

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

Suppressing God's revelation of Himself ends in immoral degeneracy.

Parents, do your job. Train your children and preserve our country!

Religious freedom may now be in grave danger; boasting & disobedience.

God will deal with slanderers, haters of God, insolent & the arrogant.

How serious is deception, malice and gossip according to the bible?

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

Doctrinal shield around your soul produces a relaxed mental attitude.

Capital punishment, legitimate killing, and stress is a killer, also.

Murder is condemned but there are three legitimate reason for killing.

Definition & the destruction of the sins of wickedness, greed & evil.

Hell is desgned for those who choose a life apart from God on earth.

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

God gives those who fail to acknowledge Him over to a depraved mind.

Thousands of ex-homosexuals prove they weren't hopelessly born 'gay'.

There is no legitimate excuse for sinning, including homosexuality.

1 Cor. 6:11 shows homosexuality is a matter of choice, not of birth.

Five manifestations of God's Wrath. Is there a 'gay' gene or not?

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

Bible condemns homosexuality: Damning statistics about homosexuals.

God: "Homosexuality is an abomination." Most people disagree. Do you?

Self-destruction is progressive when one rejects the Revelation of God.

Trying to satisfiy one's self through lust brings misery not satisfaction.

Idolatry and Immorality are the result of rejecting God's Revelation.

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

Those who reject God worship things creater rather than The Creator.

The Gospel is not too simplistic; It is the Power of God unto Salvation.

The only way to God; Through His Revelation in creation & His Word.

Unbelievers who neither honor nor give thanks God have darkened hearts .

Romans 1:18-21 proves unbelievers know that God exists but reject Him.

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

Those who reject God's revelation of Himself condemn themselves.

God reveals Himself to all, but most suppress that knowledge to sin.

Every person needs the Righteousness of God to avoid the Lake of Fire.

What are believers to do after they are saved? Learn to walk by Faith.

Two kinds of Righteousness; Imputed Righteousness & Experiential Righteousness.

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

God is Righteousness. Through the Cross we are made righteous.

The righteousness of God is never compromised & doesn't show partiality.

Paul wasn't ashamed of the Gospel. What is common grace?

Most believers don't witness to others, even as it is commanded. Why?

Like the apostle Paul, we all are obligated to give the Gospel to tothers.

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

Demonic forces using governors and mayors; Believers encourage others.

Rebuttal and Reform view of "Obededience of Faith" in Romans 1:5

Most believers are more interested in serving self rather than God.

All believers in our era are saints, the importance of gratitude to God.

God's unconditional love & personal love for His beloved believers.

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

What does obedience of Faith & the Called of Jesus Christ mean?

Is slavery a sin? It depends. What does the bible have to say about that?

Shocking racism by the "left" - In-depth Exegesis of Romans 1:3-4.

Paul as an apostle, chosen by God to reach the Gentiles with the Gospel.

The insanity of Reparations - interesting things about the Roman culture..

Romans - (Audio Lessons)               Summary

Was the Civil War fought over slavery or states' rights? Secession?

Is slavery a sin? It depends. What does the bible have to say about that?

Myths & facts about slavery from a historical & biblical perspective.

Introduction continued - A detailed look at Roman cuture.

Introduction - A Socio-Rhetorical Perspective of the book of Romans.