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Philippians: Notes - Philippians


This page is currently being updated with the audio (mp3) lessons from the study in Philippians beginning in November 2017. There are over 170 lessons and we hope to have this page completely updated in the near future. Thank you for your patience.

The Book of Philippians (Audio Lessons)                Summary

God offers His grace in solutions to ALL of our concerns.

Paul's solution to the radical side of politics.

Gratitude and Expressing Love

Personal versus Impersonal (Unconditional) Love

NFL Madness, Participating in the Gospel

The Book of Philippians (Audio Lessons)               Summary

Confidence in God = Comfort in our soul.

Importance of Jerusalem; Skewed view of Philippians 1:6.

Three views of Philippians 1:3-6

"Thought" must precede "Emotion"

Emotions and Compartments of the Heart

The Book of Philippians (Audio Lessons)               Summary

Components of the KARDIA (heart).

Sharing Christ with our Mouth and Life.

Love based on knowledge and discernment.

Loving, rather than avoiding the unloveable.

What is your scale of values based on?

The Book of Philippians (Audio Lessons)               Summary

Being Filled with the Fruit of Righteousness

Imputed +R Related to Fruit of Righteousness

Trials Expand Witnessing Opportunities

Removing Fear, Acquiring Courage

Courage and Leadership

The Book of Philippians (Audio Lessons)               Summary

The Right Motivation is Very Important

Importance of Love and Knowledge

Rejoicing While Undergoing Major Testing

School Shooting, Millenials, & Capacity to Rejoice

Masculinity Under Attack, Doctrine Impacts Our Present State

The Book of Philippians (Audio Lessons)               Summary

Formula for the Abundant Life; Avoiding Shame

Boys without fathers = School Shooters; Judgment seat of Christ

Judgment Seat of Christ Unpacked

Encouragement or Shame at the Judgment Seat of Christ

Anti-Gun Control by Walter Williams; Judgment Seat Study complete

The Book of Philippians (Audio Lessons)               Summary

Be Strong! Take Courage in waiting for the Lord!-

Be Bold! Talk to others about Jesus.

Importance of Purpose, and Spiritual Assets.

Life and Death: 7 Types of Death.

Dying Grace and Sin Unto Death.

The Book of Philippians (Audio Lessons)               Summary

After death, disembodied or interim body?

Passages proving the exisistence of interim bodies.

Bringing more people to the Lord through witnessing.

Paul's concern for Jews not accepting Christ as Savior.

Do you have Joy in the Faith questions?

The Book of Philippians (Audio Lessons)               Summary

Believers should behave like citizens of heaven because they are.

Self-discipline and church unity

Importance of unity and like-mindedness in church members

Don't be afraid; stand up for Christ!

Don't be shocked by opposition to biblical truth!

The Book of Philippians (Audio Lessons)               Summary

Boy Scouts and importance of encouragement

The importance of harmony among believers

Love must be maintained. How?

Being of the same mind & of one accord, with no selfishness

USA is dangerously divided. Unity cannot exist with selfish ambition.

The Book of Philippians (Audio Lessons)               Summary

The Importance of Humbling Ourselves

The best life comes through giving, not getting.

Do you have Christ's 'Mind' Attitude in you?

The secret to +H is focusing on others instead of self.

Christ's Deity remained intact after the incarnation.

The Book of Philippians (Audio Lessons)               Summary

Doctrine of Kenosis, Part 1

Jesus Christ relied on the Holy Spirit, not His Deity at 1st Advent.

How wives destroy their marriages. Doctrine of Kenosis (continued)

Humiliation / Cross = Exaltation / Right hand of God.

Jesus Christ is so gracious that He shares His exaltation with us.

The Book of Philippians (Audio Lessons)               Summary

When will every knee bow and every tongue confess?

Romans 10:9-10, Positional vs Experiential.

Two meanings for "Salvational" - Positional & Experiential.

Positional vs Experiential (conclusion)- Importance of Obedience.

How to work out your salvation. This is NOT working for salvation.